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The FORT with Chris Powers

May 10, 2022

On this episode, Chris discusses incentives that drive companies and people, COR - how to incentive your people to make money and watch expenses, and why it all starts with the culture of your company. 

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(03:22) - You Should Strive to be Profitable 

(04:32)  - Culture vs. Incentives 

Super Chickens w/ Margaret Heffernan

(08:20) - Social Capital

(09:20) - Incentivizing a Team Environment

The Fort Podcast Episode #65 on COR

(10:45) - Using COR as an Incentive

(20:10)  - There is No Perfect Incentive

The Fort Podcast episode #47 w/ Andrew Segal

The Fort Podcast Episode #64 w/ Andrew Segal

Twitter Questions:

(27:20) -  How do you incentivize at FC based on Promote? 

(30:34) - Rolling Bonuses

(34:20) - How do you incentivize brokers?

(35:50) - How do you incentivize the back office?

(38:08) - Incentives are not only about making money

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