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The FORT with Chris Powers

Dec 21, 2018

Chris sits down with Jason Fox, former NFL player and founder of Earbuds. They discuss the process of starting a tech company, building an app, life in the NFL and meeting Warren Buffet. Enjoy! For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on Twitter: @Fortworthchris Make Contact with The FORT at

01:51 — Jason’s Background

03:20 — What is Earbuds? When did the idea come to fruition?

09:48 — When can listeners get the app and try it for themselves?

11:23 — Moving His Tech Company out of Fort Worth

15:04 — What is your advice for someone wanting to launch a tech company in Fort Worth?

17:19 — Would you recommend having a team member build the software/app or outsourcing that to a third-party company?

22:06 — When did you think you would launch the app? When are you launching the app?

30:19 — Would you recommend the incubator route to those first entering into the tech world?

33:09 — How do you build a team?

37:12 — What is your favorite interview question?

39:13 — How hard was it to fundraise? What was your experience like?

43:39 — What did you have to offer in your second round that you didn’t have in your first round?

45:10 — Who is the right legal team for you these days?

45:56 — What does a great 2019 look like for Earbuds?

51:14 — What is your role? How do you get all of these deals?

55:22 — True or false — Starting a start-up is like jumping off a cliff and trying to build an airplane before you hit the ground?

58:36 — If you could give advice to your 21-year old self, what would it be?

1:00:55 — What is your favorite app on your phone?

1:01:59 — Is bitcoin going to make it?

1:03:30 — What is the last book that you read?

1:07:29 — If you could meet anybody who would it be?