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The FORT with Chris Powers

Dec 15, 2018

Chris sits down with Mike Sroka, CEO and Co-Founder of Dealpath. They discuss how Dealpath has been able to help Fort Capital as well as numerous other real estate development companies. Dealpath is one of the fastest growing companies out of Silicon Valley looking to streamline work for companies across the country. Enjoy! For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on Twitter: @Fortworthchris Make Contact with The FORT at

01:00 — How did Dealpath come to be?

04:30 — Have you found that the software is better for a smaller or bigger business?

08:10 — Have you found that a company that has a higher number of assets under management uses it differently than one that has less?

09:06 — What can you do with the fact that you have everyone’s attention as Dealpath is seen by every member of the company?

12:33 — Have you had people attempt to use the platform for reasons other than real estate? Is the platform capable of this?

14:57 — When did you see a lot of people showing interest in CRE Technology?

19:16 — What was the tipping point when you decided you were going to start your own company?

21:03 — How hard is it to start a tech company if you do not have a tech background?

25:25 — How do you find a co-founder or tech talent if tech is not your world?

28:31 — What were some of the early challenges you faced starting Dealpath? What are some of the challenges that you face today?

33:59 — How are you hiring for engineering-type roles to ensure you get the best talent?

36:51 — What has the fundraising process been like?

40:16 — Is there a big difference that you see between an angel investor and a Series B investor?

42:43 — What is the best and worst advice that you have ever received?

46:28 — Who needs to be thinking about using DealPath and how can they get in touch with you?