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The FORT with Chris Powers

Dec 15, 2018

Chris sits down with Kevin Lackey, CEO and President of Freedom Powersports and fellow YPO Fort Worth member. Kevin and Chris talk about Kevin’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming the leader of a $150 million dollar enterprise. Kevin has an amazing story and we hope you enjoy hearing how is hunger for success has helped him become who he is today. For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on Twitter: @Fortworthchris Make Contact with The FORT at

01:13 — Kevin’s Background

03:02 — What was your childhood like?

11:34 — Was there a moment when you gained the confidence to overcome insecurity?

21:53 — What has the book Traction and EOS meant to you?

33:45 — How did you get into the motorcycle business?

39:26 — When did it become apparent that there was an opportunity to buy a dealership?

41:33 — Becoming Service Manager

43:46 — New Owners and Structure at the Dealership

52:44 — First Attempt at Ownership

1:06:53 — Working as General Manager

1:08:39 — Second Attempt at Ownership

1:15:18 — The Obvious Next Choice

1:21:02 — What is the end goal for Freedom Powersports?

1:27:22 — What is your advice for people who are on the fence about doing something?

1:34:45 — Dark Side of Social Media