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The FORT with Chris Powers

May 5, 2022

On this episode, Chris talks with the anonymous @CarDealershipGuy ( about the used car business – how it works and how money is made. They also cover how to negotiate the best deal possible when buying a used car and the current state of the used car market and where we go from here.

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(1:35) - Why did you create this twitter account and what’s your angle?

(6:06) - All the tips and tricks to know when buying a used car

(9:30) - Is there a way to know if your dealership is reputable?



(11:53) - Buying vs. Leasing

(14:03) - Why did we see a 40% spike in prices?

(16:14) - What’s a depreciation cycle?

(18:59) - How do you determine whether a purchase is for lifestyle vs. value?

(19:54) - What are folks going to do if they bought at the peak of the market and now depreciation is kicking in?

GAP insurance

(23:32) - What’s the process of best financing a used car?

(25:26) - How do you think about warranties?

(33:19) - What are some red flags you might see in the buyer’s journey?

CDG’s Negotiation playbook

(36:30) - How to Negotiate a Car in Normal Times and How Car Salesmen Are Actually Paid

(48:00) - Where do most dealerships get their inventory?

(51:03) - How do auctions work?

(54:25) - Buying inventory online

(55:38) - Can anyone become a used car dealer?

(58:42) - What separates the great used car dealers?

(1:02:11) - How do car dealers make money?

(1:10:39) - How do you define added products?

(1:13:10) - How do inventory supply negotiations work?

(1:14:13) - Buying Out Your Lease and Then Selling vs. Selling While Under Lease

(1:15:07) - Is there a growing demand for electric vehicles?

(1:21:28) - Is there anything in the innovation space that will appeal to the average consumer?