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The FORT with Chris Powers

Sep 16, 2020

On today's episode, Chris breaks down why Fort Capital has spent so much time and energy in the Class B Industrial space over the past 4+ years. He lists the four most important reasons for pursuing Class B Industrial as well as why he believes this asset class has a promising future. Enjoy! 

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(01:09) - Episode Agenda

(01:40) - The “ah-ha” Moment in 2016 and 4 Big Ideas

(02:07) - Idea 1: Do we think online sales will increase or decrease?

(02:49) - Idea 2: Class B Industrial is Infill in Nature

(03:29) - Idea 3: How Travis Kalanick, Founder of Uber, Goes on to Found Cloud Kitchens Using Industrial Space

(05:16) - Idea 4: The Depleting Supply Class and Growing Tenant Base

(10:21) - Why Class B Industrial is Sticky

(12:02) - The Cannabis Opportunity for Class B Industrial

(13:00) - The Historical Ownership of Class B Industrial & Flying Under the Institutional Radar

(14:25) - Class B Industrial Has a Predictable CapEx

(16:16) - Management in Class B Industrial

(17:16) - The Value Add and Their Un-Sexiness

(18:13) - The Wrap Up

(19:36) - Call Out to Owners & Brokers Looking to Chat/Sell Industrial

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