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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jun 14, 2021

On this episode, Chris breaks down how Fort Capital transacts and acquires properties. He starts with the company's emphasis on how important their process has been to their success, who's involved, and what type of deals they pursue. Then he breaks down each step of the acquisition from the time a deal is brought to their attention to closing. Enjoy!

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(01:12) - How You Acquire Properties Matters

(03:03) - Who’s involved in the process?

(03:31) - Pursuing Off-Market & Light-Market Deals Instead of Auctions

(04:53) - Acquisition Consultants

(06:36) - Running a ‘Quick Check’

(08:00) - Deal Pipeline Folders

(08:45) - Weekly Deal Meetings 

(12:13) - Investment Committee Meetings

(12:53) - Drafting an LOI

(13:45) - Project Kick-Off

(15:19) - PSA (Purchase Sale Agreement)

(15:54) - Writing an Investment Memo

Listen to FORT #81 for more details on Investment Memos

Fort Capital Free Resources

(18:33) - Raising Capital 

(21:07) - Bank Financing 

(22:50) - Getting Entities Developed (Bank Accounts, Titling, Administrative Tasks)

(23:19) - Property Management Due Diligence

Listen to FORT #97 for more detail on Due Diligence

(23:48) - Huddle-Up Before Going Hard on Our Money

(24:38) - Wrap Up 

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