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The FORT with Chris Powers

Feb 18, 2021

How would you go about doing your first real estate deal with no experience and no capital? On this episode, Chris answers that question as he walks through the process of executing your first deal. He explains why you need to have immense knowledge of your market, understanding how to approach banks, the process of raising capital, and more. Enjoy!

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(00:57) - Pick an Asset Class and a Market

The FORT Podcast RE #93: How to get your first job in Real Estate

(02:24) - Get Your Real Estate License

(04:08) - Borrowing From a Bank (FHA Loan)

(07:54) - Get to Know Your Market

(10:01) - Learn How to Underwrite a Property

(16:48) - Raising Money

The FORT Podcast RE #81: How to Underwrite

(20:39) - Setting Terms with Investors

(21:26) - Understanding What a ‘Good Deal’ Looks Like

(23:31) - Cold-Calling Properties & Talking to Brokers

(25:08) - Finding Sub-Contractors

(27:37) - After You Get a Property Under Contract

(29:02) - Property Management

(32:18) - More on FHA Loans & Chris’ First Deal

(33:41) - Wrap Up

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