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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jun 17, 2020

On this episode, Chris chats with his lifelong friend Mackenzie Todd, Founder and CEO of Urban Golf Performance. This 5-star golf performance club uses a holistic approach to help golfers reach their goals as efficiently as possible. They'll discuss Mackenzie's golf career and how it led to the the incredible growth of UGP as well as the transition from a player himself to teaching some of the world's top golfers. Enjoy! 

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02:00 — Mackenzie's Backstory Leading to UGP

06:06 — Mackenzie’s First Major Investor

07:11 — What would I experience after walking into a UGP location?

07:49 — How has fitness progressed as a major staple in the game of golf?

10:05 — What is the fitness process like at UGP?

12:24 — What does a top golfer like Collin Morikawa try to get out of his fitness routines?

14:16 — How does a player transition into a teacher/coach?

17:31 — Bringing on The Founder of TOMS as a Partner

21:43 — Is there one piece of information since having him as a mentor that you latched onto?

23:12 — What's your emotional journey as an entrepreneur been like over the last 90 days in LA?

27:09 — Are you optimistic for the remainder of the year?

28:50 — What’s the vision for UGP over the next decade?

29:52 — What prevents great amateur players from going pro?

32:02 — What separates the top 25 in the world from the rest of the pros?

34:52 — Are you a believer in taking the length out of the game?

36:20 — Who’s your favorite player?

36:44 — Who has the best swing in the game?

36:49 — Who's the best player no one has heard of yet?

37:28 — Is Matt Wolff's swing going to hold up for 20 years?

38:14 — Does Tiger Woods need to get to 18 majors to be the GOAT and do you think he will get there?

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