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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jul 1, 2020

Andrew Segal joins Chris for his second appearance on The FORT. This time Andrew speaks on his experience contracting COVID-19, his thoughts on the future of retailers & restaurants as we continue to navigate this crisis, and much, much more. Enjoy! 

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01:46 — Andrew’s Experience Contracting COVID-19

03:03 — The Last 90 Days From Andrew’s Point of View

06:41 — Where are you getting your information as it relates to what's true and what’s not true?

08:03 — If even half of retailers and restaurants go out of business, how do we bring these asset classes back to life?

09:01 — Why do companies need to bring employees back into the office?

10:31 — What are the biggest factors contributing to the decline in productivity through the work-from-home model?

10:57 — How is co-working going to work when you have several different companies under one roof?

11:51 — What do you see happening with the struggling, yet massively funded co-working industry?

13:48 — What happens if WeWork goes out of business?

17:00 — Do some of these office buildings start to offer a live and sleep hybrid model?

17:53 — Is Class-A office headed towards a rough patch?

20:21 — What do you see for the future of super-dense cities like NYC and LA?

24:23 — How are your hotels doing?

25:00 — What do you look for before you start buying more hotels?

26:51 — Is it easy to become a buyer of debt as a buyer of real estate as we start to see these delinquent loans come in?

29:19 — Have you bought any deals yet or when will you go on your buying spree?

31:15 — Is it complicated to buy a CMBS note?

33:13  — What's the typical transaction process when buying off of an auction website?

34:10 — What are you going to do with the golf course you purchased?

34:52 — How does your technology improve efficiency?

36:02 — What do the first 30 days after purchasing a building look like in order to get it up and running?

37:32 — Will Airbnb become even more successful in the long term?

38:32 — What is your opinion on the higher-education and sports worlds right now?

41:27 — Is there anything interesting coming out of COVID-19 that you're seeing across different industries?

43:08 — What are you expecting to see in capital markets going forward?

45:39 — Are banks better capitalized than they were during past crises?

46:14 — Will states take a dive once stimuli & PPP run out or will the federal government keep providing money?

47:34 — Will states start using property taxes in order to keep themselves funded?

48:04 — Is there a relationship between the growth in tech and the lack of inflation?

49:08 — What is bad and good about inflation?

51:39 — Why isn't there a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan for commercial properties?

52:41 — Do you see any path to truly building affordable housing at scale?

53:55 — Is Houston positioned well coming out of this? Does anything excite or scare you?

54:47 — Do you think we are past the worst of COVID-19?

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