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The FORT with Chris Powers

Oct 28, 2020

Chris sits down with Stanton Williams, Executive Advisor at Culture Index, a personality profiling system and process that allows leaders to determine where their staff is best suited within an organization as well as hiring the best possible people for a role. On this episode, Chris and Stanton break down every aspect of the Culture Index, Chris elaborates on how much this has helped him personally as well as the Fort Capital team, some experiences Stanton has had in helping organizations move from the 'Start' phase into the 'Scale' phase, and what kind of traits are among folks who are elected to high political office. Enjoy! 

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(04:19) - Stanton's Background

(11:38) - What is the Culture Index?

(13:20) - Who created the Culture Index?

(16:44) - Breaking Down the 7 Traits Measured in the Culture Index

(17:07) - Autonomy

(18:26) - Sociability

(19:59) - Pace

(22:21) - Conformity

(24:15) - Energy Units

(24:54) - Logic

(25:49) - Ingenuity

(26:43) - The Culture Index Survey

(28:04) - The Combinations of Traits and Patterns

(28:37) - The 4 Types of People

(28:51) - Visionaries

(29:36) - Technical People

(30:25) - Social People

(31:15) - Organizational People

(31:53) - Complementary People that Should Surround You and What Buckets Pair Up Well Together

(33:22) - When you meet with a company for the first time and they hire you, what happens from there?

(35:12) - What do you say if people say you’re full of shit?

(37:30) - How often do you see people that have reverse polarity?

(38:53) - Do you ever see patterns with someone being in the same role in multiple companies and yet they still fall under reverse polarity?

(40:03) - Assuming a company is able to scale but stays small, are there common themes that serve as the reason they stay small?

(42:06) - What category do inventors typically fall in?

(43:44) - What do you tell the person who’s able to start the company but doesn't realize they can't scale it?

(45:40)  - Do most small businesses even know what they want?

(47:27) - The two types of CEOs: The Starter and The Scaler

(49:31) - When does The Starter know that their time is up?

(51:33) - The “C Job”

(56:18) - The Cost of Turnover

(57:26) - Do you have any Culture Index success stories?

Book: The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Wilink

(1:03:20) - The Personality Traits of a Politician

(1:07:55) - Why don’t companies use this?

(1:10:35) - Is there really no way for people to change who they are?

(1:13:39) - What would you tell someone who says they want to change?

(1:14:50) - Do you have a morning routine?

(1:16:03) - What's the best advice you’ve ever been given?

(1:16:29) - If you had a billboard that you could put anything on, what would it say?

(1:17:40) - What is the best way for people to contact you?

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