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The FORT with Chris Powers

Oct 15, 2020

Barry Davis is the CEO of EnLink Midstream, one of the largest midstream energy companies in the United States. On this episode, he and Chris discuss an emphasis on hard work and relationships in business, the state of oil & gas in 2020, the Better Man organization, as well as the importance of faith in business leadership. Enjoy! 

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(02:17) - Barry’s Story

(05:14) - How did that early emphasis on hard work and relationships influence your teen years and intro into the business world?

(06:22) - How did you go from being a landman to starting your first company?

(09:09) - Was there a certain opportunity or experience that made you to take the leap?

(10:01) - How would you describe the Midstream business in 2020?

(11:08) - What was the outside capital environment? What did the first day in the office look like?

(12:32) -  Can you paint a picture of where the company is today?

(14:10) - What’s life like as a private CEO vs. a public CEO?

(16:25) - Do things like strategy and vision evolve when you go from 50 employees to 1,000+?

(17:48) - What's the state of oil & gas today and is this different from cycles in the past?

(22:09) - What are the businesses that will survive COVID doing right now?

(23:26) - How do you view ESG? (Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance)

(25:54) - How Chris and Barry Met and the Significance of this Episode

(26:59) - How did thinking about a balanced life and doing things differently from others in business captivate you?

(29:25) - How are you able to incorporate faith with business leadership?

(32:04) - Are there certain things someone in their 30's can do that will set them up for their 2nd half of life?

(34:18) - What is the Better Man organization?

(37:52) - What is biblical manhood vs. how manhood is defined by today’s culture?

(39:16) - What’s the experience like in the curriculum?

(40:54) - When did you get involved with the Halftime Institute and how has it impacted you?

(43:17) - How do you plan on spending the 2nd half of your life?

(44:38) - Do you have a morning routine?

(45:41) - What does ‘do the right thing and you’ll always be able to go back to where you’ve been’ mean?

(47:06) - What’s a book you’ve read that has had an impact on you?

The Bible
Halftime by Bob Beuford
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
Every Good Endeavor by Tim Keller

(48:53) - If you had a billboard that you could put anything on for the world to see, what would you put?

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