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The FORT with Chris Powers

Aug 19, 2020

On today's episode, Chris interviews Megan Hodges, founder of The Dowry - an ethically-minded wedding gift registry and curated artisan marketplace. They discuss Megan's journey as a business owner, the transition of skills from a corporate career to a start up company, the mission behind The Dowry, and Megan's experience in digital marketing. Enjoy!

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Megan's Favorite Book: Soft Selling in a Hard World

(01:47) — Megan’s Career Before Founding The Dowry

(07:22) — What was the inefficiency you addressed at your previous job? Do you think there are many employees who notice inefficiencies at big companies but never say anything?

(09:56) — Why have you gravitated toward marketing and sales?

(12:52) — Was there a moment when the lightbulb went off to start The Dowry?

(18:36) — The Dowry and Its Mission

(23:52) — When did you officially launch The Dowry?

(28:52) — Are people spending more on gifts since they are not spending money on weddings (due to COVID)?

(30:20) — What was the process of building out The Dowry website?

(33:56) — How has the process of finding artisans evolved?

(38:34) — Do you remember the first artisan who finally said "yes"?

(40:00) — How do you find artisans?

(43:19) — What does your criteria for finding artisans look like?

(45:51) — Do most artisans sell their goods on other platforms as well?

(47:46) — Are the majority of people buying gifts actually invited to the wedding?

(51:36) — How did you pivot to raise capital in March when COVID hit?

(56:32) —  When do you think weddings will start to take place again? What do you see a year from today?

(1:00:07) — Who taught you digitally market?

(1:05:30) — What is a naming convention?

(1:07:39) — What is the best way to reach your customer?

(1:10:43) — What does digital marketing look like for your company specifically?

(1:13:35) — How do you feel about Amazon?

(1:16:30) — How big is your target market?

(1:18:29) — What advice would you give to a potential entrepreneur?

(1:20:20) — Do you have a morning routine?

(1:20:51) — What is the best advice you have ever received?

(1:21:50) — What is the best book you have ever read?

(1:23:14) — How can people contact you?

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