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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jul 8, 2020

Chris sits down with business partner and Fort Capital COO, Jason Baxter, to discuss the concept of Cost Reduction, Overhead Management & Revenue Generation (COR) and how it has given their team a voice and the ability to think like company owners. They'll discuss how they were able to successfully implement COR within the culture of the business and avoiding the 'revenue creep'. Enjoy! 

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01:08 — COR: The Meaning, Defining Success and How We Implemented it at Fort Capital

05:24 — Fort Capital’s 2019 COR Challenge and What it Revealed

07:36 — How COR Became Part of Fort Capital’s Culture

09:26 — The Problem With Focusing Too Much on Revenue and 'The Creep'

13:06 — Company Goals During COVID-19

15:18 — Rewarding the Team for Achieving Wins and How We Keep COR at the Top of Everyone's Minds

18:08 — A Deep Dive into the Overhead Management Piece of COR

21:44 — How Fort Capital Identifies Imbalances in Processes, OKR’s, and Setting Overhead Management Goals

24:28 — The Importance of the Team Having a Voice as a Company Grows

27:52 — Setting Budgets and Fort Capital's Re-Forecasting Tools

32:44 — Being Patient When Implementing a Process like COR

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