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The FORT with Chris Powers

May 29, 2020

On this episode of The FORT, Chris provides a 60-day COVID-19 update where he'll touch on topics like the reopening of capital markets and the effects we are seeing in the multifamily & industrial sectors. Chris also shares the latest changes and updates happening at Fort Capital such as their property management integration and new software tools built by the team. Enjoy! 

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00:49 — Capital Markets Opening Back Up

02:10 — New Deals in the Multifamily & Industrial Space

03:36 — Update on the State of Texas

05:35 — Rents & Reliefs

08:14 — Industrial Sector in Texas

09:04 — The Fort Capital Portfolio & The Rush to Texas From The Coasts

10:55 — Multifamily & Industrial Collections

12:05 — Construction is Still Booming

13:41 — 'Work From Home' Becoming the New Future

15:57 — Fort Capital's Buying Plan

18:00 — What Fort Capital Has Done the Last 30 Days Operationally

19:28 — CORE in Fort Capital’s Culture

21:08 — Construction Costs & Predictions for Oil & Gas

22:12 — Fort Capital Property Management

23:38 — Fort Capital's Use of the FOS Platform

26:41 — Go Watch 'The Last Dance' on ESPN

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