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The FORT with Chris Powers

Dec 9, 2019

Chris Huckabee is the CEO of Huckabee Architecture, delivering thoughtful facility solutions to meet the evolving needs of education. They discuss the transformation of education, Chris' experience as Chair of the Board at Texas Tech, and his amazing manifesto that he provided to the members of YPO when he transitioned out. This manifesto is applied to the group to this day! Enjoy! For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on Twitter! @fortworthchris 02:22 — Chris’ Background 05:24 — Did you know all along that working at Huckabee was the right path? 06:47 — What has changed over the last 30 years for Huckabee? 11:42 — What is a bold prediction for the future of education? 13:24 — Is public education focused on the shortage of coders and computer engineers? 17:19 — What is it like being Chair of the Board at a public university? 22:30 — Cost of Education and Family Impact 25:19 — How can the average citizen improve education in their city? 32:34 — When people come to work at Huckabee, what do new employees have to realize? 35:00 — Why did you create a strategic plan and how did you handle new ideas brought to the table? 39:23 — Why was your relationship with your CFO so special? 47:13 — Does anyone care how rich you are or how many social events you attend? 49:39 — Give Away More Than You Keep 53:50 — Raising Great Kids 56:21 — Living on a Budget 1:01:52 — Finding Time for Yourself 1:03:47 — Giving Your Kids Handwritten Notes 1:07:42 — Being a Great Parent