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The FORT with Chris Powers

Nov 25, 2019

As founder and CEO, Terry Montesi has led Trademark Property Company through 26 years of innovative, community-focused development. Under his leadership, Trademark has developed more than $3.4B and 14.6M square feet of some of the most stakeholder-centric retail and mixed-use properties from coast to coast. He and Chris sit down to discuss Terry's journey of founding companies, the current state of mixed-use retail spaces, what they see for the future of retail, and more. Enjoy! For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on Twitter! @fortworthchris 01:54 — How did your career guide your entry into the retail world? 05:47 — Is there anything you learned at Blockbuster that is still relevant today? 08:52 — Do you and your team have to determine the trade area? 09:29 — Was there a moment you turned from being scared to being optimistic about the buying process? 12:49 — What was Trademark doing in 1992? How does that compare to today’s focus? 18:51 — What triggered the change in consumers and the value of physical retail spaces? 24:38 — What makes a great public space? 33:46 — What is so valuable about your focus on mixed-used public / retail spaces? 45:33 — Is there a reason you would tell an institution "no"? 49:07 — What do you think about CloudKitchens? 49:53 — How do you know if you’ve found the right person for the job? 52:30 — If you had to give your 21-year-old self advice, what would it be? 53:15 — What is your bold prediction for the future ten years from now?