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The FORT with Chris Powers

Sep 30, 2019

Brandon Sedloff is the Vice President of Sales and Managing Director of Juniper Square. Juniper Square is an easy-to-use, all-in-one investment management software designed specifically for real estate. Chris and Brandon sit down to discuss the great partnership between Fort Capital and Juniper Square, dealing with change in a hyper-growth startup, and Brandon's journey as a salesman. Enjoy! For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on Twitter! @fortworthchris Connect with The FORT by emailing us at 02:06 — What is Juniper Square? How did you get to where you are today? 06:26 — Do all investors want / need the same things? 09:18 — Fort Capital and Juniper Square, How to Provide a Great Experience, Why Investment Management was Archaic Before Juniper Square 19:36 — How has utilizing Juniper Square impacted Fort’s current and future hiring plans? 25:55 — How do you follow the customer? What is the process of innovation at Juniper Square? 30:00 — How do you define the goal and vision for Juniper Square? 31:47 — How do you streamline the frictional cost of doing a deal? How has Juniper Square made life easier for Fort Capital and its investors? 35:04 — How do things change in a hyper-growth start up? 39:57 — How did you find your career in sales? Does it come natural to you? 43:27 — What is the difference between selling technology and selling real estate? 45:45 — Do most SaaS businesses build their own internal tools, or do most use third party software? 47:45 — How do you hold people accountable to using these tracking tools? 51:08 — Do you use software during meetings to ensure productivity? 54:52 — Did someone teach you “great salesmanship”? 59:43 — If I were new to your team, what would my first month look like? 1:02:45 — Brandon’s Favorite Interview Question