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The FORT with Chris Powers

Sep 3, 2019

Edward Bogel is the Co-Founder of Davidson Bogel, a boutique land investment advisory group and brokerage firm. The company’s base principal is exceptional client service with investment and development of land throughout Texas and Oklahoma. They discuss the journey of founding a company, what makes a great land broker, and the future of development in the DFW area. Enjoy!

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01:30 – Life Before Davidson Bogel
04:00 – Did you decide to focus on land, instead of building on the land?
07:40 – How long did it take you to actually start the business from when you decided you wanted to do it? What was the first year of business like?
12:00 – If someone wanted to become a broker, what would you tell them to keep in mind?
13:00 – How do you train people who want to be in the business?
17:25 – What are the most important aspects for buyers and sellers to think about when transacting?
19:26 – The Process of Working a Deal
24:34 – What are the main reasons deals fall apart?
25:39 – Do you see things continuing to expand in Dallas/Fort Worth or will there be more turnover of urban sites?
27:44 – Do urban developers look at things differently than others?
28:56 – What are the characteristics of a great developer?
30:48 – The Future of Parking and Development in Dallas/Fort Worth
33:29 – The Trend of Single-Family Rentals
36:26 – How do you consume information?
39:03 – How can cities speed things up for land development projects?
47:28 – What is the best advice you have ever received? What is your favorite interview question?