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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jun 16, 2022

Rob Chadwick, Founder of Holdfast Security Group, a consultation and training company, specializing in helping organizations and private individuals understand how to stay safe in today's uncertain world. Rob recently retired as the head of the Tactical Training Program for the FBI. He started as a police officer in 1994 before joining the FBI in 2001. His first assignment for the Bureau was working against Colombian Drug Cartels in Miami. Following assignments to several other cities, Rob served as an Agent In Charge of Attorney General William P. Barr's protection detail. His final assignment was as Chief of the Tactical Training Unit at the FBI Academy where he was responsible for ensuring the operational readiness of all FBI employees. He has traveled the world providing training for local, state, federal, and international law enforcement officers. 

On this episode, Chris and Rob discuss the background story of his career in the FBI and other law enforcement roles. They chat about best practices for securing your home or business, data on criminal activity around the US, and the current state of Law & Order in America.

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Holdfast Security Group

(01:59) - Rob’s Career and Background

(05:56) - What’s the difference between the police and the FBI?

(8:17) - How the FBI changed after 9/11

(9:32) - How are federal agencies able to gather such massive amounts of intelligence?

(12:23) - Is there more physical violence risk or cyber risk in today’s world?

(14:16) - Why is it so hard to combat drugs coming over the border?

The Fort with Tegan Broadwater

(17:11) - What were the core competencies you were teaching in your tactical program at Quantico?

(20:15) - Working Security at The Masters in 2021

(25:07) - How Policing Has Changed Since George Floyd

The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker

(35:35) - What should people know about personal security that matters most? 

Master Lock Door Security Bar

(45:29) - What’s the most common time of day people’s homes are broken into?

(47:18) - Do most burglars go in prepared to be violent?

(48:45) - How much time is spent in the planning process for burglarizing a home?

(50:09) - Where will a burglar usually enter the home?

3M Window Security

(52:09) - Do most burglars act solo or work in teams?

(53:13) - Who is the clientele who you work with?

(58:00) - How do the civil suits around deadly force usually pan out?

(1:06:12) - The Anti-gun Sentiment

(1:07:56) - What is the biggest deterrence to those who want to break into your home or business?

(1:13:55) - The Current State of Policing and Law Enforcement in the United States

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