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The FORT with Chris Powers

May 13, 2019

Tegan Broadwater is the Founder and President of Tactical Systems Network, a security and investigations firm located in Forth Worth TX. Tegan is also the author of "Life in the Fish Bowl: The true story of how a white cop infiltrated and took down 41 of the nation's most notorious CRIPs. They discuss Tegan's undercover work in narcotics, his inspiration for starting TSN and how he is helping change the systemic lack of opportunity in the inner-city. Enjoy! For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Follow Chris on twitter! @fortworthchris Connect with The FORT by emailing us at  Questions for Chris? Ask us anything and Chris may answer your question on the podcast! click the link to leave us a message: 1:53 - Tegan’s Story from rockstar to deep undercover gang infiltration 15:29 - When you’re undercover, do you start changing as a person? 16:38 - How “normal” are one of these drug dealers you deal with?/Heirarchy of gangs 20:33 - Was your goal not to stop until you got to the top guy? 23:45- Tegan’s experience writing “Life in the Fishbowl” 25:54 - moving from FWPD to Entrepreneurship, the relationship between his undercover work and business 27:40 - the similarites of the functions of a gang heirarchy and business organizations 30:09 - How do you move up in the gang system? 33:50 - was there sadness as you reached the end of the operation? 39:25 - What are options for former-convicts to be able to re-enter society, specifically in business? 45:26- what are things people do that contribute to this systemic issue that they may not necessarily recognize 47:50 - How microfinance could play a role in alleviating these systemic problems 51:40 - the idea for starting Tactical  54:20 - Investigations by Tactical 58:38 - The fluidity of running a business and the importance of always learning 1:03:50 - Are you drafting off the success of businesses that lead to needing security? 1:08:28 - is it harder to get away with a crime today with technological advancement? 1:10:40 - Cybersecurity and AI ethics 1:13:25 - does looking through the lens of the bad guy ever work to your disadvantage? 1:16:08 - How many clients that call with a suspicion that something bad will happen end up happening vs. being paranoid 1:17:45 - consulting with developers on security meausres in real estate 1:19:50 - Is there anything besides the current business you are thinking about or working on?