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The FORT with Chris Powers

Apr 28, 2022

Craig Fuller is the Founder and CEO of FreightWaves, the leading provider of global supply chain market intelligence and news. Prior to FreightWaves, Craig was the founder of TransCard, a major provider of fleet fuel and debit cards. He is also the CEO of FLYING Magazine, the world’s most widely read aviation magazine. Previously, Fuller founded the Xpress Direct division of US Xpress, the leading provider of on-demand expedited truckload services.

On this episode, Chris and Craig discuss how the geopolitical landscape impacts supply chains and why we'll never go back to where we were in a post-covid world. They chat USA vs China - and the implications we're likely to experience going forward, the American consumer and supply chains and how technology impacts better and more efficient supply chains. Enjoy!

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(01:23) - Craig’s Background in Supply Chain & Transportation

(04:36) - FreightWaves

(08:46) - How would you explain what a supply chain is?

(15:42) - What’s happening in the global supply chain right now?

(25:05) - Thoughts on China

(35:16) - What does China’s activity mean for America long-term?

(45:20) - Is there any way we go back to the old relationship with China?

(46:32) - What’s the best option for America if we completely pull out of China?

(49:40) - Should we expect supply chain issues for the foreseeable future?

(51:48) - Do we even have the labor in America if we wanted to bring manufacturing back from China?

(55:21) - Predictions For The Future of China

(1:00:40) - What’s the most dominant form of supply transportation?

(1:01:57) - Why are the ports so congested?

(1:06:26) - Is the world going to become more challenging for small businesses as the global supply chain evolves?

(1:09:57) - Is what’s happening in China arguably the largest implication in where the world goes?

(1:10:41) - What interesting data do you have that is a predictor of where we are today?

(1:17:27) - Is it cheaper for a consumer to get a product in person or have it delivered to them?

(1:22:02) - The consumer trend favoring experiences over products

(1:24:27) - Inflation Predictions

(1:26:36) - Is there any breakthrough tech that excites you right now?

(1:31:34) - Final Thoughts