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The FORT with Chris Powers

Aug 10, 2021

Miron Crosby is a bespoke boot brand and store located in Highland Park Village. Founded by sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means, the collection is inspired by the sisters’ experiences of growing up on their family’s West Texas cattle ranch, and later living and working in New York City.

On this episode, Lizzie and Sarah discuss their story of launching the business, what they've learned about building a fashion brand, the process behind their incredible branding and marketing, being a mother-entrepreneur, and more. Enjoy!

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(02:36) - Lizzie and Sarah’s Background

(07:38) - When was the moment you decided to take the leap to start the business?

(12:08) - How do two sisters build a business together?

(13:12) - What was the initial goal for the business?

(16:02) - How is the business making you better people?

(18:39) - How did your upbringing play a role in the success of your business?

(22:58) - The Early Days of The Business Getting Started

(29:46) - Is there anything looking back that you would’ve done differently?

(31:03) - How do you get inspiration for the design?

(34:07) - What’s the process of customizing a pair of boots?

(35:34) - Why is a boot-shaped the way it is?

(36:52) - How much time is coming up with the next design?

(38:53) - The Process of Getting The Next Season’s Worth of Product

(39:58) - Corporate Gifts & Custom Programs

(42:23) - What was it like selling your first pair?

(44:43) - Are you ever approached for collaborations?

(46:28) - How do you think about marketing and branding?

(53:00) - How Business Changed During Covid

(55:04) - How do you think about growth?

(55:59) - How has covid impacted your supply chain?

(57:11) - Are a lot of your customers first-time boot wearers?

(1:00:09) - What’s the coolest story you’ve seen behind a pair of boots?

(1:02:12) - What are some biggest lessons learned in starting a fashion brand?

(1:06:51) - Being a Mother/Entrepreneur

(1:10:02) - Do you have a morning routine?

(1:14:06) - Have you ever gotten into a fight?

(1:17:19) - Is there anyone in the fashion industry that you look up to?

(1:20:15) - Will there ever be anything besides boots?

(1:21:15) - How can people find you?



25 Highland Park Village #201, Dallas, TX 75205

The FORT is produced by Johnny Peterson & Straight Up Podcasts