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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jul 26, 2021

Chris is on vacation! So please enjoy this re-mastered version of episode #38 of The FORT with guest Pete Chambers.

Pete Chambers is the past President of the West Texas Chapter of Young Presidents’ Organization and continues to be an active member. He is also Chairman of the Board at Rivertree Academy, a private, Christian school serving under-resourced students in the Lake Como community of Fort Worth. His favorite quote is Robert Greenleaf’s statement that “Good leaders must first become good servants.” Chris and Pete sit down to discuss Pete's development of "The Roadmap", the process of selling a business, The Young Presidents' Organization, and being a father. Enjoy!

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(03:35) — How did you plan for the “post-50” life?

(07:48)  — Be a Fighter Pilot as an Entrepreneur

(09:47) — What did you do with the discovery of Bob Buford and the bell curve of entrepreneurship?

(13:50) — What did you implement early on that you needed to be intentional about?

(14:58) — Pete’s 10 Mile-Radius for Finding a Business to Buy

(16:12) — How close do you walk the line with being home in time for dinner due to work?

(17:17) — How do you allow your faith to guide you in business? How can you keep these two aligned?

(18:58) — Your CEO is Forrest Gump

(21:13) — What does servant leadership mean to you?

(25:13) — What is the one thing that will set companies up to fail? How do you give recognition to employees?

(28:06) — Pick Out Three Things That Your People Do Well

(29:01) — When did you know it was time to sell your business?

(32:39) — Words of Wisdom for First-Time Sellers

(34:07) — Pete’s Mission Statement and Inspiration

(35:15) — The Roadmap

(43:47) — What are the things that people often struggle with in the second half of life?

(48:32) — Loneliness at the Top

(49:57) — The Power of YPO (Young President’s Organization)

(52:27) — Pete’s Relationship with Rivertree Academy

(56:54) — Being a Father, Father-Daughter Trips, and Managing Your Marriage

(01:04:17) — Pete’s Painting

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