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The FORT with Chris Powers

Mar 11, 2019

Chris sits down with Joe Du Bey, Founder and CEO of Eden, a management solutions company based in San Francisco. They discuss the process of raising capital, finding investors, the life of a start-up CEO and more. They also discuss mentorship, learning, their favorite podcasts and social media. You can see more about Joe and Eden at Follow Chris on Twitter: @Fortworthchris    For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Make contact with The FORT: 7:02 - How did you meet your co-founder 9:24- How does someone without a tech background find a great engineer 11:00-  What did YC do for you 18:14 - what did you decide to do with your first round of investment 19:18- smart marketing with a start up 21:30- How much has OKR helped you 22:57- How do Vc encourage growth 25:11- Whats the best advice you’ve received from one of your investors 26:28- Being the CEO of a startup 31:46- Determining the best metrics 32:33- The notion that you don’t need to be in SF to start a tech company 35:06- The perfect customer for Eden 37:27- Biggest problems people face in their office 40:53- The future of Eden 44:27- Joe’s experience raising capital 46:45- What does a good VC do for a startup 50:23- Pressures in the start up world 52:00 Mentorship, learning, podcasting, social media and life balance