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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jul 15, 2021

Harry Croydon is co-founder of Micro Insurance Company (MIC) and is CEO and President of STP Group Holdings. MIC was started to create simple insurance products built around technology based on the principles of straight-through processing. Micro Insurance Company currently operates in 12 countries offering policies to many people living in the third world.

On this episode, Harry and Chris deep dive into InsurTech and how Harry is working to make insurance available to a TAM that either can't access coverage or has never even heard of the concept of insurance. They also talk about building a remote team around the world and the leadership struggles that follow such a task, Culture Index, and more. Enjoy!

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(02:23) - Harry’s Background and Career in Tech & InsurTech

(06:02) - “Doing One New Thing at a Time Instead of Three or Four.”

(07:36) - Why is the insurance industry so slow to adopt new technology?

(08:50) - What is

(11:16) - What are companies currently doing that don’t have insurance?

(13:16) - Is there one over-arching policy that gig workers sign up for or is there a menu-style of coverage the individual chooses from?

(14:43) - Is there feedback with consumers to help you decide what kind of coverages might be needed that you don’t already offer?

(15:57) - How does your underwriting process work?

(18:46) - Do you need to learn the nuances of each countries different culture that you operate in regards to insurance?

(21:06) - Are there people out there who have no concept of insurance?

(22:22) - Transparency in Coverage

(23:28) - How do you determine countries that you want to operate in?

(24:16) - Is there one playbook that gets you started in a new country or is it different every time?

(25:39) - What is the craziest thing that you insure?

(27:47) - Why aren’t there many businesses set up to prosper globally?

(30:03) - What are you doing with technology that sets you apart?

(32:34) - Does everyone in your markets have access to at least a flip phone?

(33:27) - How is your tech team set up?

(34:53) - Do you believe that you can long-term create great relationships over Zoom?

(35:45) - What is your day-to-day like as the CEO?

(36:36) - How do you think about Culture Index in the companies you run?

(38:57) - Do you think about ‘Float’ at all in your business?

(40:13) - How are you capitalized and how do you think about capital when growing?

(41:03) - What’s the end goal for the company?

(42:30) - How do you think about the process of working on yourself as a leader and the people you surround yourself with? 

(44:14) - Is there a great learning experience you can share from years of starting businesses?

(45:43) - Did you start this business with people you’ve started other companies with?

(46:41) - Is there going to be big impact on your industry due to Covid?

(48:46) - What’s one thing you believe in that most around you do not?

(49:25) - What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

(49:46) - Is there a book that you recommend?

Thriving on Chaos by Tom Peters

Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman

(50:56) - How can people find your business?

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