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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jun 28, 2021

Jefferson "Trey" Davis is the Owner of Davis Glass Cleaning Company based in Fort Worth, TX. On this episode, Chris and Trey discuss how he decided to make the jump into starting a sweaty business with only one client to over 100 in less than two years. They discuss Davis' day to day schedule and how he balances the actual service with administration work and business growth. The pair also discuss the massive amount of opportunity there is for these types of businesses, and Trey gives an incredible example of how he was making more money cleaning windows for 10 hours a week than he was at his full-time job. Enjoy!

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(03:17) - Trey’s Childhood and Starting his Sweaty Business

(05:19) - When did you decide to actually pull the trigger on this business?

(07:40) - What were you trying to learn in order to launch this business in terms of actual service and the business side of it?

(10:15) - What was your experience getting your first customer?

(13:44) - What was your initial investment in supplies?

(15:37) - What’s been the key for you in continuing to grow your customer base?

(17:29) - How did you find Fort Capital?

(19:42) - How would you bid a commercial building?

(20:32) - What’s the difference between residential and commercial cleaning and how do you contract each? 

(23:37) - How many customers do you have now?

(23:55) - Have you ever had to fire a customer?

(24:49) - How do you set up your booking and schedule?

(25:37) - What does a typical day look like for you?

(26:18) - How do you split your time between cleaning, admin work and finding customers?

(27:08) - What are the biggest things you want help on as you grow?

(30:21) - What do you see your job being if you weren’t cleaning anymore?

(31:17) - What are some key things you’ve learned that you would tell someone who’s thinking about starting out?

(33:50) - How do you handle rejection?

(35:20) - What’s your pitch?

(37:01) - How often do you need to replenish and replace supplies 

(37:31) - How do you clean a window well?

(38:09) - Getting Over the Feeling of Shame & Self-Doubt

(41:22) - Was there a moment where you knew it was time to go full-time on this?

(42:01) - How important was it having a supportive wife?

(43:02) - The Massive Opportunity for These Sweaty Businesses

(46:08) - What’s been your biggest failure or worst day of work?

(49:27) - Do you have a childhood experience that shaped who you are today?

(51:52) - What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

(53:13) - How can people find you and your company?


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