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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jun 21, 2021

Eric Jorgenson is the author of The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, which collects and curates Naval’s wisdom from Twitter, Podcasts, and Essays over the past decade. He is also the founder of the Leverage Course, which was created to help people learn how to accomplish superhuman feats by playing a different game — building leverage.

On this episode, Chris and Eric discuss the process for writing the book and the impact that Naval has had on Eric's life. They also go in-depth on creating online courses, including the things that did and didn't work. They finish with a great discussion on creating leverage in a world that could evolve into one where more people operate anonymously online. Enjoy!

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(02:37) - Eric’s Background and Bareer

(03:42) - Eric’s Daily “If you could complete one thing today, what would it be?” Tweets

(05:59) - Monthly Goal Setting

(08:23) - The Almanac of Naval Ravikant

Poor Charlie’s Almanack

(14:21) - What’s a 1-0 Quality filter?

(15:22) - How did you decide on the final buckets of the book?

(17:20) - Did you have a playbook to rely on for writing this?

(18:15) - When do you know you’re done?

(20:10) - Did Naval pre-screen and approve the final copy?

(21:02) - How did you get Tim Ferriss to write the Forward?

(22:22) - How did Naval become Naval?

Naval with Shane Parrish

Naval with Tim Ferriss

Naval with Joe Rogan

Naval's thread on how to get rich without getting lucky

(25:42) - How did you get interested in these figures like Naval and Charlie Munger?

The Munger Recommended Reading List

(27:20) - If you asked Naval and Charlie “What is going on in the world?” What would they say?

(31:08) - If you were to do a second book, what would you do differently?

(34:31) - How do you know if the book is successful right now?

(36:04) - What do you mean by “Everybody knows what to do with a book”?

(37:57) - Did your course, Leverage, spin from what you learned from writing the book?

(39:48) - Eric’s Partner Justin Mikolay 

(42:06) - What was something that wasn’t obvious to you that Justin pointed out to make the course great?

(44:16) - How do you know what to teach and how to avoid writer’s block when creating the course?

(48:06) - What happens at the end of the course?

(50:43) - What is an Aspirational Hourly Rate?

(54:30) - What are self-imposed obstacles and what is a study group?

(57:41) - How do you think about Leverage if we’re headed to an anonymous online world?

(1:10:54) - What is one thing you believe that most people do not?

(1:11:26) - Do you have a morning routine?

(1:11:48) - What’s the Best Book You’ve Read

The Systems Bible by John Gall

(1:12:50) - How can people find you?

Jorgenson's Soundbox

Eric on Twitter

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