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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jun 17, 2021

Codie Sanchez is the Founder of Contrarian Thinking, a newsletter dedicated to inspiring mental and financial freedom. She acquires SMB's across different industries as well as investing in the legalized cannabis industry. 

On this episode, Codie discusses her early career as a Conflict Journalist on the U.S./Mexico Border, her position on financial freedom, how she was able to build a successful newsletter, and the trend of investors becoming influencers.

They also discuss Codie's passion for SM, her process for finding businesses to buy, and implementing her own operators. Chris and Codie wrap up with some hot topics such as college, Twitter trolls, and failure. Enjoy!

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(02:32) - Codie’s Background

(04:31) - What is Conflict Journalism?

(08:34) - Codie’s Views on Financial Freedom

Read Her Tweet here

Newsletter: Contrarian Thinking

(12:12) - Venezuela’s Currency Crash and How Currencies Lose Value

(14:45) - How did you build your newsletter Contrarian Thinking?

(18:46) - When do you write and how do you find inspiration for what to write?


(22:35) - What’s the ultimate goal for your newsletter?

(24:17) - Investors are Becoming Influencers

(28:40) - Is this a bubble or are the fundamentals of investing changing?

The Sovereign Individual by James Davidson

(31:04) - Robinhood

(32:47) - Why do you love SMB and what kinds of businesses interest you?

(35:13) - How do you find deals and filter through to the ones that matter?



(37:40) - How long does it take you to make an offer, and when do you find an operator?

(39:07) - Are the majority of folks selling looking to exit entirely?

(39:51) - How do you find operators?

(41:50) - How do you finance your deals?

(43:17) - How do you hold people accountable and keep folks incentivized? What role do you play post-sale?

(47:10) - Are you buying these businesses with the plan to grow them? How do you receive cash from these businesses?

(49:44) - What businesses do you like right now?

The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur's Vision of the Future by Steve Case

(53:20) - Wealthy is Healthy

(56:52) - College or Not?

(58:09) - Dealing with Twitter Trolls

(1:02:13) - Time Management 

(1:05:21) - What are some of your biggest failures?

(1:11:33) - Do you have a childhood experience that shaped who you are?

(1:14:10) - What is something that you believe in that most do not?

(1:15:48) - How can people find you?

Codie on Twitter

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