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The FORT with Chris Powers

Apr 26, 2021

Lex Sisney is a business scaling expert and a wizard at organizational structure and design. He works with CEOs and leadership teams of expansion-stage companies who are committed to growing their business without compromising their values.

On this episode, Chris and Lex discuss the work that Lex does with executives and teams to facilitate growth with an emphasis on maintaining their people and culture. Lex also dives deep into 'energy drains' in relationships, business leaders, and how to identify them in the moment before they deteriorate your business. Finally, Chris and Lex discuss why Fort Capital brought Lex in to help with their executive plans and problems companies run into when hiring executives. Enjoy!

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Organizational Physics

How to Think About Hiring

Ready for Enlightenment?

(01:45) - What’s on your mind right now?

(2:43) - Lex’s Background and What Lead Him to Starting Organizational Physics

(08:48) - What are the usual characteristics of the companies you work with?

(09:55) - How do you know all the management information out there isn’t right?

(12:14) - Success = Integration/Entropy

(17:07) - Pinpointing Energy Drains in Interpersonal Relationships and as Business Leaders

(27:52) - What’s the methodology of re-arranging the playing field if you’re not changing people or culture?

(37:42) - The 4 Quadrants 

  • Do the right things to get customers
  • Do things in the right way for customers
  • Do the right thing for the company
  • Keep the company out of harm

(44:13) - How does a small business capitalize on Quadrant 4 when they may not have the people resources for it in HR?

(46:36) - How do you know that you have the process that’s appropriate for your stage in the business life cycle How do you know when it's deteriorating?

(51:26) - What’s more important to business growth: people or processes?

(53:41) - What’s Important in a Leadership Team, How a Great Leadership Team is Run, and How to Run a Meeting

(1:02:34) - Proposals 101

(1:05:41) - What falls into a Type 1 decision?

(1:11:00) - Fort Capital’s Problem When They Brought in Lex and Problems Other Companies Face When Hiring Executives

(1:16:36) - Why do you say Jeff Bezos and Larry Ellison got it wrong?

(1:17:20) - What’s one thing you believe in that most people around you don’t?

(1:17:56) - How can people find your business?

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