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The FORT with Chris Powers

Apr 22, 2021

Kevin Dahlstrom is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Central Pacific Bank. Kevin is also an avid rock climber and Fintech thought leader. 

On this episode, Kevin talks about his passion for rock climbing and the importance of having a multi-faceted life. Then, he and Chris discuss the world of banking and Fintech, the differences between them, and how the two can work together to improve the lives of consumers. They also touch on the crypto phenomenon, and Kevin tells a wild story of meeting Masa Son while pitching SoftBank in San Francisco. Enjoy!

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(03:19) - Kevin’s Story Growing Up and What Led Him to Today

(06:30) - How did you execute this plan of picking up your family and moving across the country? How did you get your wife on board?

(09:05) - Kevin’s Passion for Rock Climbing

(11:23) - What's it like having such great friends that don’t even know what you do for a living? 

(13:24) - Being the “Real Estate Guy”

(15:37) - Free Solo Rock Climbing and Alex Honnold

(17:18) - Kevin’s Early Career in Fintech


Net Promoter Score

Central Pacific Bank

(24:29) - Kevin’s Article: Your Margin is My Opportunity

(28:33) - Why hasn’t there been any improvement in the banking world?



(33:58) - What’s the difference between banks and Fintech?

(36:13) - Could a Fintech company become a bank and vice versa?

(37:51) - How would Wells Fargo defend their lack of innovation?

(41:20) - Kevin’s Take on Cryptocurrency 

(43:11) - What is the ultimate promise of Crypto?

Andy Grove on Inflection Points 

(46:04) - The Value of Twitter

(47:58) - What do 25-50-year-old people wish they had in banking through your research?

(50:33) - Knowing How to Make Money vs. Knowing How to Manage Money

(53:27) - Building a Social Network That Operates Like a Family Office

(56:20) - Kevin’s 'Wild Deal Experience with SoftBank’

(1:03:04) - How do you think Masa treated Adam Newman of WeWork based on your experience with him?

(1:05:33) - What’s one thing that you believe that most people around you don’t?

(1:07:10) - What is your best advice to girl-dads?

(1:08:36) - Do you have any book recommendations?

Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes

(1:10:30) - How can people engage with you?


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