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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jan 16, 2019

Chris sits down with Bryan Perkins, CEO and President of Novaria Group which is an aerospace manufacturing company. They discuss the aerospace business, buying other businesses, life management and the power of thought. Enjoy! Follow Chris on Twitter: @Fortworthchris  Make contact with The FORT: For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit

02:43 — Bryan’s Background in Aerospace

05:12 — Why hadn’t the consolidation of the big companies already occurred when you became an entrepreneur?

06:34 — What is aerospace?

07:55 — What is a small business to you?

09:52 — Novaria’s Business Model

11:31 — Do you have the same playbook for every company that you buy?

12:14 — Do you ask businesses to do business with each other?

13:31 — How do you source opportunities?

15:55 — Who contacts you about buying a business?

17:00 — Does the leadership and ownership usually stay on board post-close?

18:35 — What information makes you comfortable to buy?

19:22 — How many businesses do you think you have underwritten?

20:15 — What are the most common challenges across small businesses?

24:06 — Have you asked a majority of the questions before making an agreement to buy?

25:16 — How do you get the previous owners on to the plan?

26:02 — How many businesses have you bought to date?

27:01 — What is the biggest difference between owning 4 businesses vs. 14?

28:18 — What does buying a manufacturing company mean?

30:10 — How many parts do you make across all 14 businesses?

33:45 — Do you think the manufacturing equipment of the future will be more agile?

36:20 — How would you describe what 3-D printing looks like?

37:33 — What will be the biggest surprise in aerospace to the average consumer?

39:45 — Is your business going to go after consumer drones? Is that even considered aerospace?

41:03 — What is the end game for Novaria?

42:40 — How far in advance do you know that aerospace companies are buying your parts?

44:01 — Is it possible today to start a bolt building business from scratch?

45:45 — How has being in Fort Worth played a role in your business?

47:39 — If you had to give your 21-year old advice, what would it be?

57:42 — What’s the biggest difference between 100 and 800 employees?

59:57 — What is your favorite interview question?

1:01:22 — When do you find time to think?

1:13:16 — How has being a Dad changed your view on business and life?

1:15:16 — How has your relationship with your wife affected your business? What is a tip for someone looking to do better in their marriage?