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The FORT with Chris Powers

Jan 2, 2019

Chris sits down with Betsy Price, Mayor of Fort Worth. They discuss all the great things happening in Fort Worth such as education and the tech scene in the city. Mayor price also talks about plans for the future of the city and how being the Mayor has changed her life. Enjoy! Follow Chris on Twitter: @Fortworthchris For more information on Chris Powers and Fort Capital, visit Make Contact with The FORT at

01:20 — What has it been like to be the Mayor of Fort Worth?

04:04 — What is something that you wish you knew before becoming Mayor?

06:04 — How has social media changed your position?

07:18 — Have you built thicker skin with some of the negativity that come through social media?

08:02 — When did you know that you were going to run for Mayor?

09:04 — What do you think Texas is going to do about property taxes?

10:57 — What is going on across our city to make our public-school system better?

11:46 — How can citizen help Read Fort Worth?

12:58 — How impactful is the parent or guardian in the success of kids?

15:13 — How would you know if a city has a good workforce pipeline?

16:21 — What is the tech scene and start-up culture like in Fort Worth?

17:12 — How has Facebook moving into Fort Worth affected the city?

20:46 — How is the medical scene? Are we looked at as a medical dominant city?

22:02 — How has the change in mobility and transportation affected how we will grow in the future?

24:27 — Do you think the majority of the growth in Fort Worth will occur in the urban center or more spread out?

25:38 — What are our hopes and dreams for how downtown space will be filled?

27:49 — What are the great qualities of a leader?

29:03 — What is the best advice that you have ever been given?

30:30 — What does Fort Worth look like in 10 years?

34:17 — What events will be held at Dickies Arena?

35:18 — Can you give us one typical day for you?